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The Cofrin Asian Art Wing contains four main galleries and two focus galleries that will display more than 400 works showcasing the Harn Museum’s collections in Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and South and Southeast Asian art. The inaugural exhibitions are generously supported by the AEC Trust, Korea Foundation, Korea Cultural Heritage Administration and Central Florida Office Plus.

Ceramics: Avenues of Exchange
Ceramics from China, Japan, Central Asia, and South and Southeast Asia will mark the transition space between the new wing and existing galleries to remind visitors that the Silk Road and Silk Maritime routes were points of new cultural contact. Ceramic wares across the regions will be displayed to create a visual dialogue that highlights the inspiration each culture owed the other.

Jades: Imperial Material
Chinese jades and glass works from the Ming (1368 – 1644) and Qing dynasties (1644 – 1911) will be featured in this exhibition. Intricate carvings of landscapes and animals, as well as vessels,
will demonstrate the importance of jade to China’s artistic traditions and creative imaginations.

Korean Art: Collecting Treasures
The south gallery highlights Korean masterpieces. Paintings, ceramics, sculpture and folk materials from the first several centuries CE through the early twentieth century will be on display. The inaugural installation of this gallery in March 2012 is made possible through the generous support of the Korea Foundation, with additional support from the Korea Cultural Heritage Administration. The majority of the works were given to the University of Florida in 1988 by General James A. Van Fleet.

Sculptures: Religion in the Round
This exhibition features sculpture from throughout Asia made from stone, ivory and wood, dating as far back as the 4th – 5th century. It examines various religious traditions side by side to demonstrate the multiple forms and functions sculptures had across Asia.

Traditions and Modernities: China, India and Japan
The north gallery will focus on paintings and prints from China, India and Japan. The Chinese painting section will examine Chinese women artists working against the male dominated painting culture of 18th and 19th century China. Modern works from India and Japan will then be juxtaposed to show how these nations responded artistically to nationalistic sentiments during the 20th century.

Wit and Wonder of Kogo Incense Boxes: The Sandra G. Saltzman Collection
Kogo (jyu-koh-go) are small containers to house pieces of incense wood or blended aromatics for ceremonial use. Kogo come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials, including ceramic, cloisonné, lacquer, metal, porcelain, and silver. Incense ceremonies involved around ten peoples and were led by an incense master who guided the participants through a journey of scents provided by the burning incense.


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Buddhistic Lion Group

Buddhistic Lion Group
17th - 18th century
Bequest of Dr. David A. Cofrin


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