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Child's Apron

Child's Apron

Herrero People
Child's Apron
20th Century
Leather, metal beads
Gift of Norma Canelas Roth and William D. Roth

The hunter-gatherers, known generically as San peoples have endured for millennia in South Africa and Namibia, although their existence is now threatened. They continue to produce ostrich egg-shell beads that resemble the oldest known beads on the continent, but in the last century have also used imported glass beads. Early San beadwork had minimal patterning, but more recent beadwork has become increasingly complex, utilizing a number of geometric motifs. Some suggested interpretations of motifs are that they are abstractions or mappings of the environment, such as animal tracks or human dwellings, to shamanistic visions. The spiral motif on this bag is called “owl.”

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