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  • Male Royal Ancestor Mask
  • Kuba Belt
  • Kuba Belt
  • Sash with Triangular Pendant
  • Hat (Mpaan)
  • Kuba Belt
  • Man's Prestige Hat (ashetu)
  • Beaded Coronet
  • Beaded Coronet
  • Beaded Coronet
  • Beaded Crown (adenla)
  • Royal Slippers
  • Elephant Mask
Beaded Coronet

Beaded Coronet (orikogbofo)

Yoruba People
Beaded Coronet (orikogbofo)
20th Century
Imported glass beads, cotton cloth, plant fibers
Gift of Rod McGalliard

Crowns and coronets are not mere decoration but empower the king or chief as they are packed with spiritual medicines. Motifs and colors offer symbolic protection and identify the attributes of the ruler. This coronet, with predominantly yellow beads, associates the power of the king with that of the deities who have the attributes of calm and rationality, Oduduwa the creator, and Orunmila, who controls fate. The faces are those of the rulers’ divine ancestors.

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