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  • Kuba Belt
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  • Kuba Belt
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  • Beaded Coronet
  • Beaded Coronet
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Sash with Triangular Pendant

Sash with Triangular Pendant (nkody mupaap)

Kuba People
Democratic Republic of Congo
Sash with Triangular Pendant (nkody mupaap)
20th Century
Raffia, glass beads, cowrie shells
Gift of Rod McGalliard

Kuba belts with heavily beaded triangular pendants are worn only by noble men, but may be worn by all members of the royal family. The pendant is worn on the left hip. Each pendant may bear a different design, but typically it has a large cowrie surrounded by glass beadwork patterns. The interlace motif on the bottom is called mameny or “stones” and is similar to another pattern that appears frequently on mats, textiles and sculptures.

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