Student Interpretation of Beadwork Objects in Exhibition

Students in Dr. Victoria Rovine's African Textiles and Clothing class at the University of Florida, in Fall 2007, chose objects to be included in the exhibition, Between the Beads: Reading African Beadwork, for a research topic to produce the following interpretive text. This project was done in collaboration with the curator of the exhibition, Susan Cooksey, curator of African art, as a Madelyn M. Lockhart Faculty Exhibition for the year 2008. Information from the student labels appears in the gallery incorporated into the object extended label copy and is also available as written in a separate document in the gallery.


Elise Carlson - Ndebele and Ngwane Staffs

Jordan Fenton - Northern Cameroon and Cameroon Grassfields Beadwork

Elizabeth Croasmun - Yoruba Twin Figure

Susan Kelliher - Zulu Beaded Panels

Ashlee Forbes - Herrero and Hemba Peoples Beadwork

Alice Mayeron - Kirdi Peoples Beadwork

Robin Schrieber - Yoruba Diviner's Bag

Kristin Tibbits - Kuba Personal Adornment

Jessica van Buren - Ndebele Peoples Beadwork

Margot Weissman - Deangle Mask

Jennifer Formont - Lidded Vessels

Ashleigh Lynch - Somali Koran Necklace

Kaitlyn Snead - Southern African Dolls

Emily Yetzer - Yoruba Beaded Crowns

Ngani Ndimbie - Zulu Personal Adornment

Kiersten Gilbert - Asante Fertily Figure

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