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As part of the School and Educator Program, several Curriculum Resource Units are available for use in upper elementary/middle school classrooms. Two of the Curriculum Resource Units are available to download here. "Reading the World of Art" and "ExploreASIA," are the third and fourth units in an ongoing series that includes "Exploring African Arts: A Discovery of African Cultures" and "Imagine That! Stories in Art," all of which are available for loan through the museum’s Educator's Resource Program.
The "ExploreASIA" curriculum includes a full-color set of transparencies, and the "Exploring African Arts" curriculum is enhanced by a set of full-color posters. For more information about the Curriculum Resource Units and how to incorporate them into the classroom, contact Brandi Breslin, Coordinator of Gallery Interpretation and School & Educator Programs at 352-392-9826 x2113 or

"Making a Case for Florida Arts," a resource to support the state-mandated study of Florida, is now available as a traveling suitcase containing posters, music, images and extensive related materials. A Harn representative is available to come to classrooms to kick off your students' “trip to Florida.” To schedule a class visit or for more information, Brandi Breslin, Coordinator of Gallery Interpretation and School & Educator Programs at 352-392-9826 x2113 or
These materials and units represent the ongoing productive collaboration between the Alachua County School Board and the Harn Museum of Art, supported by an Arts in Education grant from the State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.

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Reading the World of Art
To view these files, your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free by clicking Adobe Acrobat HERE.
SECTION 1-Table of Contents

SECTION 2-Overview

SECTION 3-Asian, Tang Horses

SECTION 4-Asian, Ten Avatars of Vishnu
SECTION 5-African, Alusi Shrine Figures
SECTION 6-African, Sowei Helmet Mask
SECTION 7-Modern, Monet
SECTION 8-Modern, Butterfield
SECTION 9-Bibliography and Resources

SECTION 1-Preface and Table of Contents
SECTION 2-Selected Works
SECTION 3-Lesson Plans
SECTION 4-Resources

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