Curator Talk
History, Labor, Life:
Jacob Lawrence’s Visual Narratives

Saturday, February 24, 3 pm 
Following our Community Kick-Off: The Art of Jacob Lawrence, join Susan Cooksey, Curator of African Art on a tour focused on Lawrence’s visual narratives of African-American history and life. Together, explore Lawrence’s major themes of Emancipation, the Great Migration and the Civil Rights Movement.


Curator Talk
Explore Korea

Sunday, February 25, 3 pm 
Discover paintings, ceramics, sculpture and folk materials from the first several centuries CE through the early 20th century in the exhibition Korean Art: Collecting Treasures. In particular, hear from Jason Steuber, Cofrin Curator of Asian Art about research and conservation of the 17th century Bodhisattva, the focus of a recent article in Explore Magazine, Rekindling Korean Connections: Art and Science Converge in the Harn Museum’s Asian Wing.  



Harn Eminent Scholar
Chair in Art History Lectures:

Established by a gift from Dr. David A. and Mary Ann Cofrin, this lecture series presents talks by outstanding art historians, critics, curators and museum professionals. Receptions to follow.


Blue in Green: Viridian & Jacob Lawrence
Friday, March 30, 6 pm

Chandler Auditorium
Richard J. Powell, John Spencer Bassett Professor of Art and Art History, Duke University
"I don't stress subject matter," the renowned American artist Jacob Lawrence revealingly wrote, "I stress understanding the abstract elements and being aware of what you can do with them." By following Lawrence's line of thinking in this statement and focusing on something as commonplace, multi-valenced and, yet, as potentially enigmatic as color, this talk explores how Lawrence's singular use of color – specifically the modern, blue-green color known as viridian – and his idiosyncratic forms and compositions offer a systematic entryway into his art and, in concert with his assorted themes and subjects, a more nuanced understanding of his paintings.



Gallery Conversation
Learning from Lawrence

Sunday, April 8, 3 pm
Join Rebecca Nagy, Harn Director and Richard Heipp, UF Research Foundation Professor, School of Art and Art History in a discussion surrounding the art of Jacob Lawrence and of Heipp’s experiences as a student of Lawrence, whose work is now on view in History, Life, Labor: The Prints of Jacob Lawrence. This conversation on artistic influences and mentorship will extend into other galleries and beyond through visitor questions and a look at artists who impacted Lawrence as well as those artists inspired by his life and work to this day.


Gallery Talk
The Life and Image of Toussaint L'Ouverture

Sunday, April 22 3 pm
David Geggus, UF Professor of History, will discuss the dramatic career of Toussaint L'Ouverture, the slave who became a statesman, and some of the controversies surrounding his life and public image in relation to the series The Life of Toussaint L’Ouverture, 15 silkscreen prints on view in History, Labor, Life: The Prints of Jacob Lawrence.